Hi, I’m Dick

We’ve got a problem… I don’t know you, and you don’t know me.  So, let’s at least remedy half of that situation right now.  Here are my highlights, match.com style.  I’m a typical guy, almost 30, living in Big City, USA.  Pretty good job with aspirations for more.  Ivy league and prep school before.  Not bad to look at.  I golf, go out a majority of nights to bars (like St. Elmo’s Fire) and clubs (a lot less regularly and nothing cheesy), and have a tendency to dance like a bit of a dork.  As for my luck with women, I am pretty much a serial monogamist.  Single now though, and no, I am NOT on match.com.

Me Then Me Then

A couple of weeks ago, Jane (I’ll let her introduce herself later) and I were sitting around discussing all the things that members of our opposite sexes do that are detrimental to the cause of continuing the human race.  All the little things.  The things that, a lot of the time, they think are actually working in their favor.  For me with girls, it’s things like make-up and shoes and not recognizing the code words in a break up that mean it is REALLY over.  Jane has her own list for guys, but I won’t step on her toes (see, the conversation between just the two of us has already helped me).  Here, we are going to delve in deep on all these issues.

Me Now Me Now

I hope that you understand that along the way we may paint with a broad brush, but that is for brevity’s sake.  Also, the points may sometimes be blunt, but sugar coating is what has got us in this predicament in the first place.  In the end, we are trying to give you tips and pointers to save you and the current or prospective bf or gf in your life some trouble.  I am guessing that you found your way here because you were looking for that in the first place.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010